Transformer 50A

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Transformer 120A


  • Transformer 50A
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    Shelly Vintage G125
    • has an embedded webserver
    • can function as a standalone device, as an accessory to a home automation controller, or it may be used as another automation system's component.
    • has been designed for installation in a standard light socket –
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    2 channel Wi-Fi relay with power metering and cover (roller) control

    Shelly Plus 2PM is a one-phase, two channel smart relay supporting up to 10A per channel and 16A total current (18A peak). It is equipped with two power meters for each channel and an
  • Shelly Pro 1

    1 channel DIN rail relay switch with Wi-Fi, LAN and Bluetooth connection

    Professional 1 channel relay with Wi-Fi, LAN, and Bluetooth connection, suitable for home and facility automation with remote control. DIN rail mountable insde a breaker box.…