Addon for Shelly H&T​

USB power supply for Shelly H&T

USB power supply for Shelly H & T

  • USB power adapter for Shelly HT


  • Addon for Shelly H&T​
    EUR 5.40

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  • Shelly H&T

    WiFi-operated humidity and temperature sensor

    Shelly H&T has built-in modules for Humidity and Temperature and is the world’s first Wi-Fi Humidity & Temperature sensor working over 1 year on battery.
  • Shelly Plus 1

    Control wide range of home appliances and office equipment (lights, power lines, security systems, heating radiators, air conditioners, etc.) from anywhere with the smallest WiFi-operated relay switch, with Bluetooth connection
    • Wi-Fi operated - Connects
  • Shelly RGBW2

    WiFi-operated RGBW controller

    • Control your RGBW strip from your mobile phone.
    • Shelly RGBW connects like any LED controller.
    • Support any 12v or 24v White, RGB, RGBW led strips and 12/24v led bulbs, with up to 288W combined power.
    • The main benefit is that you