Cloud Connected


    You can control your home from anywhere

    • Shelly Cloud is our own cloud service and data storage – easy way for managing all Shelly devices. Shelly Cloud could be individually personalized to the customer’s need.
    • Shelly Cloud - the companion mobile app for all different Shelly home automation devices – WiFi relay switches, plugs, bulbs, sensors, IR blasters, cameras and more.
    • Shelly Cloud allows remote control and monitoring of your Shelly devices. User friendly interface, Scenes, Bulk control and much more.

    Every device has:

    • Embedded Web server
    • Wi-Fi control and connectivity
    • Commands through HTTP and/or UDP protocol.

    With Shelly devices installed and registered in your Shelly Cloud account you can:

    • Manage multiple devices with individual Settings.
    • Define and personalize rooms where the Shelly devices are positioned.
    • Add more devices in order to build complex automation solution aimed at operational and energy Efficiency.
    • Connect to an existing WiFi network or use in Access Point mode.
    • Monitor the status, as well as the current and the past electrical power consumption of the monitored electrical circuits and loads.
    • Configure scenes or switch on/off ad-hoc through the app wherever and whenever you like.
    • Configure multiple options for their operations.
    • Easy instructions for device inclusion and Management.
    • You can check the status of all the environments, view videos from the cameras, activate scenarios, manage the various appliances and interact with your home remotely, simply using your smartphone or tablet.
    • Shelly Cloud is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.
    • Shelly Cloud may send notification for all automised events in your home.
    • With Shelly Cloud you can create scenes which will automatically apply based on time and/or Event.

    Download and install the Shelly Cloud app and test it:

    • Download the free mobile app from Google Play or Apple® App Store.