router exchange

  • What should be considered when replacing a router?

    Again and again in different threads, the topic of router replacement or problems after router replacement, is asked for.

    With the right approach you can easily avoid (almost) all problems.

    New routers are today delievered with different IP address presets and other WLAN names (SSID) as shipped earlier! The Wi-Fi password is also different in the default setting.

    As a result, of course, the Shelly can no longer log in to the WLAN and thus get no connect to the cloud.

    Instead of re-parameterizing all Shelly, possibly resetting them and re-integrating them, it's much easier:

    • Open the router administration of the new router with admin rights
    • Select LAN settings and set the IP band to the data of the old router
    • Adjust DHCP range to previous settings as well
    • Select WLAN settings and set the SSID, encryption method and password to the old settings
    • if necessary, activate "Allow new WLAN devices" (or something like that)
    • Restart router

    Now all Shelly will connect to the new router and possibly the cloud.

    I wish you success:thumbup: