The CoIoT Protocol for Shelly devices

  • The CoIoT Protocol for Shelly devices

    The CoIoT protocol is yet another protocol for IoT communication and integration. CoIoT is based

    on CoAP with some additions as new request code 0.30 for status publishing. All payloads are JSON

    encoded. All responses are piggyback send with the acknowledgment to further simplify CoAP


    Every CoIoT device is expected to handle a set of request URIs and generate responses in

    predefined format. Also every device is required to periodically send a multicast CoAP request with

    code 0.30 that describes it state.

    Every CoAP request package and every response with payload should also carry some mandatory

    CoAP options (headers).

    CoIoT for Shelly devices (rev 1.0) .pdf