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  • I have no problems with other Shelly devices it’s only the door sensor that’s causing me issues.I get it to go on the wifi, but cant get it to work adding it to the app. Its like that action is crashing it or something.I have not set any password. Actually I have no pwd on my wifi either (country side home, 3km to next neighbor). Would be nice if your web interface didnt require a password, had to hack my way past that.
  • Ive tried many times, I also thought it was cause it goes into sleep mode, but it doesnt matter how fast I am, I cant get past it.
  • Hi,I got the door/window sensor the other day and are having an issue.I can add the sensor to wifi, but after the next step, when you set a name, image, icon and press submit, it takes a long time then dies with error message of connection lost. All leds go dark on device and it wont wake up without fiddling with the battery or reset button. I tried resetting it several times (10 sec on button), but nothing helped. Is my device broken?