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  • There hasn't been any activity since 17th of september. I still got flickering and it starts to become very annoying. Can someone help me?
  • Dear Shelly team,All of my dimmers are upgraded to the newest firmware 1.8.4. But on 2 dimmers flickering still occurs. Are you still working on the problem?firmware 1.8.4L and N connectedtrailing edge150 antiflickering4 x dimmable led 4,6 watt on 1 dimmer
  • The first dimmer installed with new firmware stopped flickering at all. But 1 other dimmer is still flickering.Specs -> newest firmware4 GU10 4,6 watt dimmable led spots on 1 dimmer.L en N connectedcalibrated with trailing edgeanti flickering on 150.
  • UPDATE:I just witnessed one of my old dimmers flash. I'm not 100% sure but I think the dimmer with new firmware didn't flash (would be really fantastic!). But there is something new:The dimmer or led lamp with new firmware makes a high-frequency sound that was not there with older firmware version. I did recalibrate the dimmer with trailing edge calibration. When dimmed 0-20%, the lamp/shellydimmer makes no audible sound. From 20 to 100% the high frequency sound becomes louder and louder.To me t…
  • (Quote from Dimitar(Shelly team))Thank you!Just installed the firmware by the link above for 1 shelly 2 dimmer.specs:Firmware: 20200901-124636/1415-dimmer2-flickering-in-noisy-condition@f6cfc16b1 dimmable LED spot (gu10) 4,5 watt.L and N still connected.I'll keep you updated.
  • Updated 1 dimmer to 1.8.3 in the afternoon. All dimmers were good till 20:58. At this time all dimmers were flashing at the same sequence. Setup is the same:Specs:- Shelly dimmer firmware version 1.8.3 (2 other dimmers at 1.7.6)- 1 GU10 LED light, 5 watts dimmable- Trailing edge calibrated.- Dimmer dimmed at 57%- L and N both connected- Flicker 3/4 times, 10 seconds good, flicker 3/4 times, 10 seconds good. flicker 3/4 times, 10 seconds good. Total duration 3 minutes.
  • Little update,Just had a long day without problems (13:00 till 20:45). But 3 minutes after turning on the (water) kettle the lights started to flicker. Two shelly dimmers where involved and flashing at the same time.Specs:- Shelly dimmer firmware version 1.7.6 (1.8.x does not work with my home automation system)- 1 GU10 LED light, 5 watts dimmable for each shelly dimmer- Trailing edge calibrated.- Dimmer1 dimmed at 70%, other at 45%- L and N both connected- Flicker 3/4 times, 10 seconds good, fl…
  • Update: 1.7.7 does not fix the blinking.further I read things about high temperatures. Is there danger of fire? Otherwise they go back immediately!
  • best forum readers,A couple of days ago I bought 7 shelly dimmer 2's. 4 of them I installed (with neutral) and all 4 flicker (often exactly at the same time). While reading this forum I downgraded all 4 to version 1.7.7.I come from the Netherlands and live in a house built in 2016. This problem must be fixed otherwise all 7 go back to the supplier. What I would really regret because for the rest they are great