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    • Shelly Motion
    'Device is Offline'.
    Mine is dead MQTT FW 1.1.2 Have to do Factory reset to get it back for a few minutes. All Unifi network
  • Batman555

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    • Shelly Uni
    Shelly uni doorbell connections.
    (Quote from gerva)

    Hi gerva,

    did you get it to work?

  • darrrkmanxxx

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    • Shelly Dimmer
    Shelly Bypass Explodiert Ständig (Bypass Alternative?).
    Hier nochmal ein Update. Shelly hat mit den Preis in Form von einem Gutschein, im Wert von Shelly DImmer 2+Versandkosten, zurückerstattet, woraufhin ich mir diesen erneut bestellt habe. Nach dem Einbau funktionier nun alles bestens, also kann der Thread…
  • rousveiga

    I have the same issue with a Shelly Plug (FW v1.10.4-g3f94cd7) connected to a fridge; it's been cutting power at random times during the night, but when I check the power sensor history it doesn't show any noticeable peaks (for instance, when it happened…
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    Ich habe gerade versucht einen Shelly 1 in meinen Netzwerk zu integrieren (iOS Gerät) schade um die Zeit die ich verschwendet habe. Es ist total nervig das man sich im Netz Infos einholen muss um so etwas hinzubekommen.
    Ich hoffe mir kann jemand helfen.…
  • Alberto05

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    • Shelly 3EM
    How to read the exported CSV file.
    The times are all UTC for the downloaded data. The times from the app are your local time. If you want to know the consumption in Watts for a given period, just add them. However, there is --in my case, small error. I have compared my old Eyedro with my…
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    • Shelly 1L
    Shelly 1L: how to wire with 2 switches.
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    Ah, ok I get it. I have redrawn it to group into the switch boxes and now I see it :) Thanks! So it works for you, right?
  • DenskiDude

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    Hello Jordans
    I think you understand this circuit diagram better.

    Two Way Switching without N Australian wiring Shelly1L.png

    kind regards
  • David Kraus

    I have problem with drivers photo in attachment. when connected drivers start buzzing and after few seconds dimmer switch them off. It is there some solution or do you know about drivers with same rating compatible with dimmer2?
  • akte.x

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    besten Dank für die Info zum Jung Taster 531-41 U -->
    RE: Dimmer 2 => Welcher Schalter?

    Gibt es hierzu auch einen Anschlussplan?
    Kann leider nichts finden.

    Danke + Gruß
  • kimoincali

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    • Shelly 2.5
    24 VDC 3 wire ball valve.
    I am in the process of setting up some automations in Home Assistant to have my irrigation line turned off if it detects a high flow rate via a flow meter with a hall sensor. I bought a Shelly 2.5 for it's 2 relays, a 24 VDC power supply, and this 3
  • AndyH747

    So has anyone any suggestions for this setup wiring wise? Can it be done with the Shelly in the second location rather than in the first where there is simply no space for the module.
  • UdoSmart

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    Gute Anleitung, vielen Dank.
  • Wilfrieduc

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    Hi All!

    I'm looking for a compatible IP65 PIR sensor.
    Do anybody have a list about compatible / incompatible PIR sensors?
    If not, I suggest we make one...
    I tried 3 types, 1 ok - 2 don't.
    Wiring like this.

    So here is my list:

    Bemko SES09WH, IP44
  • JTX2020

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    Ich habe zwei weitere Bewegungsmelder getestet (wenn möglich bitte in die Liste aufnehmen):

    V-TAC VT-8093 / VT-6610 -> nicht kompatibel!
    LEDVANCE Sensor Wall 180° -> nicht kompatibel!

    Mit Koppelrelais funktionieren beide am Shelly1 und auch am Shelly i3…
  • da vinci

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    correct, it's removed, the firmware is split in two and that wasn't supported right by the archive.
    And it isn't possible to downgrade , because the internal checking has changed.
  • Citter

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    • Shelly Motion
    Firmware update V1.1.2 - Experience report.
    Here again,
    Just to comment, after 4 days whit the Motion Sensor blocked with a red light fixed, this morning, it has been wake up alone doing a reboot cycle itself. It is very strangem, it is working fine like the previous week. I do not understand it.

  • neocandle

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    • Shelly 2.5
    Standalone switch for Home assistant.
    Ok, clear, so it will be something like this then:


    Will be trying this soon. Thanks for your help Eulhofer!
  • Eulhofer

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    • Shelly 2.5
    Standalone switch for Home assistant.
    (Quote from neocandle)

    exactly what you wrote: No load as lamps, shutter or other kind of device...

    Just connect the supply and the switch... thats it.
  • SebMai

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    • Shelly HT
    Shelly can't be updated.
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    So, to close this thread.

    Fix with ota update not working for me.

    I succeed, by connecting to my direct IPN router, previously i was connected to my secondary router (behind opensens).
    Update has been detected automatically, and i succeed to update the HT.