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Official Shelly Support Forum - Makes I.O.T understandable

Hello guest,
it happens again and again that users want to log in with the cloud account name of the Shelly cloud.
It does not work that way. If you want to participate in the life of the community, a separate registration is required.

Furthermore, there are more and more double registrations. If you no longer know the password, have a new one sent to you or report the problem to the email address below.
It also doesn't help to create another account, because the internal recognition will then also block all other accounts that you have.
That means more work for us and no added value for you.

Please report problems with registrations to

Welcome to the Official Shelly Support Forum!

Why a forum?

The background of this forum is that we now have over 10.600 users on our German Facebook page and more than 37.900 on the English page and we think the matter once clearer.

Here you should get information about the topic Shelly. Tips Trick How To should of course not be missed.

What may also be interesting is how you use your smart home products at home with Shelly. Where are you in action?

If you are interested in building the community then write us an email to webmaster (at)

now have fun on our forum.

If the account is blocked after registration, it doesn't help to try 10 more times, not even with a different email address or name. After blocking by recognizing a double account, you must contact