Beginner's tips for shelly and the forum

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    Beginner's tips

    Below you will find tips on the Shelly devices and the forum.

    (These can / should facilitate the entrance into the forum and the Shelly world;))

    For sure, the list can not give an answer on all questions. It will be maintained by me / us and also tips and hints from you in other threads are gladly included.


    #1 A. Forum

    #2 B. Shelly

    #3 C. useful and helpful links

    #4 D. Shelly App

    A. Forum


    Please always ask questions in the forum area! It happens again and again that questions e.g. in the own chronicle or in the chronicle of a team member. The chronicle is not meant for that. We also refrain from inquiring by PM.


    Have a look in the lexicon section. There are sorted by Shelly types and keywords already provided many and important information and help for you. Click here for lexicon or here for wiring diagrams

    To see all content please activate both languages in your setup:

    Content and language.PNG


    If you would like to subscribe to the user card, you will findinstructions here.


    Anyone who wonders why the donation button exists can find the explanation / answer here. (Sorry, currently only available in German)


    Instructions for uploading images and their inclusion in a thread can be found here.


    How can i create a new topic? Have a look here

    The more information you write about your question, the faster and more targeted can help be successful.

    It is helpful to post commands in the code tag and screenshots. Device settings should not be missing either


    Unless set as a "real" link, http commands (e.g., for the actions) and code lines (scripts) should always be placed in a code tag.

    The code tag is activated with this button:Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-08-12 16-38-32.png


    Please avoid mixing different or similar topics in 1 thread. As a result, topics quickly become confusing.


    How do you adjust, which threads (in which languages) you see, you can read here.


    If a thread helped to a solution, brought new ideas or just liked it, then give the creator a LIKE! It will certainly please him and motivate him to continue to actively participate here in the forum.


    Our forum search Bildschirmfoto vom 2020-08-02 09-18-10.png is definitely not broken! ;)


    Another useful collection of possible solutions is our first aid kit. Check it out. Unfortunately only available in German at the moment, translation will follow. If necessary, please use a browser add-on for translation. Thank you for your understanding.

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    B. Shelly


    Shelly usually works with 230V supply voltage, except for the few battery powered devices such as H & T.

    Even if it is never heard like:

    Please observe the 5 safety rules and use suitable and approved testing and measuring tools

    The 5 safety rules at a glance


    If startup problems occur, there are already some threads and lexicon entries that can help. Just have a look at the appropriate subforum or use the search.Forensuche.png

    By the way, it is not so rare that the router password is accidentally entered in the Shelly instead of the WLAN key. Of course that doesn't work! You should also not rely on the WLAN password that is often printed on the outside, because this could and should be changed during operation. So if you have problems -> check the password in the router / AP.

    The Shelly don't like special characters in the SSID and in the network key.

    And if you integrate via smartphone, you should switch off "mobile data" so that only WLAN is active.

    Router incompatible

    By the way: The Shelly don't like special characters in the SSID and in the network key. A hidden SSID is also a stumbling block!

    And if you integrate via smartphone, you should switch off "mobile data" so that only WLAN is active. Otherwise, the smartphones switch to the mobile data world during the coupling process and of course no longer find the Shelly. Problems are "inevitable".


    Anyone who uses third-party firmware, such as Tasmota wants to flash, should first make a complete startup with the original firmware and test all functions. Thus, in case of problems after flashing, a hardware problem can definitely be ruled out.

    Create a backup of the original firmware and save it before flashing on third party firmware! This facilitates the eventual return.


    If a Shelly does not work as expected after successful commissioning, the wiring should first be checked again. This includes the terminals (for example, for accidentally trapped insulation).

    Do not rely on vein colors. Please always measure and ideally also report the results later in the thread to your own problem.


    In terms of IP address, the manual assignment of a fixed IP is preferable to the reference via DHCP. A fixed IP prevents many errors / problems in the further operation.


    How to reach your Shelly in Access Point Mode (AP) is described here

    If you have problems with the Shelly Cloud APP, this lexicon entry will help.

    Are you having trouble getting your Shellys into your own network (Client-Mode (CM))? This lexicon entry could help.


    A firmware update is not displayed to you? This only works automatically if the cloud is activated. Without the cloud, you can also make the updates manually using our firmware archive. Another variant of the firmware update or dowgrade is described here (German thread).


    A very well developed WLAN is essential for reliable operation of the Shelly. So if in doubt, additional repeaters or access points should be installed. It will never hurt.


    For the http commands with which you can control Shelly among each other or Shelly from external sources (e.g. home automation systems), you will find an overview here.

    Good luck, have fun here in the forum and always working Shelly.;)

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    D. Shelly App

    The symbols of the original Shelly app are explained in this lexicon article.