Shelly Button 1 vs Shelly 1

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  • The button 1 ist the http-transmitter for the Shelly 1 or other Shelly devices (receiver).

    You can configure the button 1 with multiple options e.g.

    - short click (turn device 1 on/off)

    - double click (turn device 2 on/off)

    - triple click (turn roller shutter open/close)

    - longpush (turn all devices off)

    To configure the Shelly battery powered devices (button 1), you have a short timeframe of 3min. to configure this after wake up.


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  • You have to be more specific what you want to do but here are the possible action urls

    HTTP-Request Shelly 1

    I have to add the URL addresses to the action of the button or to shelly 1? I can't do this and it doesn't work for me. Also, pressing the button,flashes white for a few seconds and then stabilizes green for a while and turns off again!!!

  • Is there any step-by-step information on connecting devices between them or any video with instructions???

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