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  • Hello Community,

    with your help we have found, reported and fixed many bugs in the respective new App-Version (IOS & Android) and the Web-Cloud.

    Thank you for the great cooperation and reporting your the Bugs / issueses so far, we hope for continued active participation in this Thread.

    Here you can find a combined list of the bugs from both the German and the English thread by Olsche from 09/12/2021 in which you can continue to report your bugs.

    Please check here first if your bug is already reported before you report yours.

    If your bug is not listed here yet, you can report it here !!!CLICK!!!!

    We will include them here as well.


    Likewise we would like to ask you furthermore reported and not yet marked as "fixed" bugs to control with us, should these then really be fixed, you can inform me gladly by PM.

    Please understand that we at shelly-support.eu can't check all bugs ourselves because we may not have all devices at hand.

    Your team from shelly-support.eu

  • no. Error description Reporting Thread
    App / Cloud Status
    1. Temperature control via cloud does not work, heating does not turn on. funkenwerner GER#3 Web-Cloud fixed
    2. Shelly Plug S download of consumption values does not work Muetze
    App & Web-Cloud fixed
    3. AddOn: External Switch faulty display (open/closed) Muetze GER#5 Web-Cloud
    take a look to post 43 (GER)
    4. Wifi batch missing PitchControl GER#6
    isn't a Bug
    5. Scenes cannot be deactivated. FendiMan GER#9 App & Web-Cloud
    6. Shutters on Shelly 2.5: Power consumption constantly shows 108.8 watts both under load and at rest, although demonstrably (measured) no energy is consumed at rest, except what the Shelly just needs to live. OWieder GER#10
    App & Web-Cloud
    not reproducible
    7. You cannot scroll in the Main-menu. funkenwerner GER#15 Web-Cloud
    8. Actions on Motion:
    When I activate actions via the app, they are not accepted.
    Muetze GER#29 App
    9. Unlocking the Shellys with "Restriced-Login" does not work SaschaBr GER#30 IOS-App fixed
    10. Incorrect display of signal strength "very good" under Settings>Device information SaschaBr GER#30 IOS-App fixed
    11. Display from RGBW2: % indicator, only from RGB channel. White is missing. DIYROLLY GER#31 Web-Cloud reported
    12. IOS 15.1 Shelly's are shown as offline, IOS 14.8.1 works 2look4 /
    IOS-APP fixed
    13. Device type setting is missing @fitmompjpzdfrujvfy GER#34 App & Web-Cloud fixed
    14. Shelly Motion: in the iOS app the I/O actions are failing to be set. Error message: "Failed to gut actions, please try again!!!"
    @MaT75 GER#37 IOS-APP fixed
    15. Shelly Pro4PM sporadically shows wrong or no consumption values. Robert_M. GER#41 App & Web-Cloud fixed
    16. No more push notification via Android app
    Wuddy GER#42 App fixed
    17.In scenes the addon is not available for selection Hurscht GER#45 App fixed
    18. A STOP-Command for shutters is no longer available. Seven of Nine GER#51 App & Web-Cloud take a look to post #52 (GER)
    19. App no longer available in Amazon Appstore / App shows update on FireHD10.
    karstensteinbach GER#53 App fixed
    20. Even though there is no update in the Play Store, Android app shows update request.
    Husky GER#62 App fixed
    21. Devices that are not running over the cloud are shown as offline.
    Kptnfirefox GER#70 IOS-App fixed
    22. In the WLAN, you have to enter the user name and password at least once for each app installation and shelly if "restrict login" is activated on the respective shelly. (No problem via cloud or mobile data)
    stevie-s GER#75 Android-App fixed
    23. In WLAN the position setting via the slider does not work for shelly 2.5 (no problem via cloud or mobile data)
    stevie-s GER#75 Android-App fixed
    24. If you remove the permission for the location services, the app often jerks or reacts very sluggishly.
    stevie-s GER#75 Android-App fixed
    25. Temperature limits cannot be saved on the Shelly Uni.
    Schmitzmg GER#76 Android-App fixed
    26. Icon for the temperature addon is missing in scenes jenne72 GER#79 Android-App fixed
    27. Shelly 1 Plus devices cannot be added to the app Several GER#84 IOS-App reported
    28. App language changes sporadically. German -> english fitmompjpzdfrujvfy GER#87 Android-App fixed
    29. Input schedule, sunrise and sunset at Shelly 2.5 without function.
    Speedy11 GER#88 ? reported
    30. Function: Reorder scenes faulty. Disappearance of the scenes until the next app start.
    AC-Fix DE#91 App & Web-Cloud reported
    31. Switch widget for Shelly 1 Plus faulty
    Lommi GER#100 Android-App reported
    32. Custom indicator does not update consumption after selecting the period.
    Lund GER#103 ? fixed
    33. Arrow keys when changing the daily display (power consumption) do not return after pressing. Muetze GER#105 Web-Cloud fixed
    34. Since the latest update of the Shelly Android app, most functions are unusable or have serious errors.
    theovod GER#106 Android-App fixed
    35. Threshold value for exceeding humidity in %, is not displayed in the new app.
    Sven.S GER#109 App & Web-Cloud fixed
    36. To copy "Auth key" without function IOS 15.2
    IOS-App fixed
    37. Erroneous update message after update FendiMan GER#136 App & Web-Cloud fixed
    38. Deleted devices cannot be removed from groups ThomasHRO GER#153 Web-Cloud fixed
    39. Switch-Widget can be switched without pin on locked devices. sideshowbob GER#171 Android-App reported
    40. Incorrect order temperature and humidity in Shelly1 addon Muetze GER#172 App & Web-Cloud fixed
    41. Display weekly consumption shows only 6 days, monthly display only 30 days
    Muetze GER#175 App & Web-Cloud fixed
    42. Shelly 2.5 Roller / shutter mode cannot be controlled via group tomwa66
    App & Web-Cloud reported
    43. Own pictures for the Shelly's are not displayed in the rooms
    vonstein GER#192 App fixed
    44. Auto-Off via timer: values are not updated Filipe Meira Castro EN#2 IOS-App fixed
    45. App and Web-Cloud freeze in home screen
    Stillekracht EN#4 App & Web-Cloud fixed
    46. Device sharing does not work without PW input
    eydolan EN#6 App & Web-Cloud fixed
    47. Accouts cannot be created
    Albinsson74 EN#7 App & Web-Cloud fixed
    48. Name change of a scene only visible in the edit view.
    maxpa EN#10 App & Web-Cloud fixed
    49. Attempt to return to main view fails after select a device with pinlock, stuck in room and cannot return to main screen
    panterb EN#12 App fixed
    50. Update of consumption values in the main view faulty L.Sousa EN#13 App fixed
    51. Fontsize for widgets on iPad is too large maxpa EN#15 IOS-App reported
    52. Temp Max and Min are always 0 in the temperature viewer maxpa EN#9 IOS-App & Web-Cloud reported
    53. Shelly 1L: input 2 state is missing as trigger for scenes Eric3412 EN#36 App & Web-Cloud reported
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