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    I want to use a Shelly 2.5 to control the speed of my ventilation system in my home.

    At the moment I have a button with three positions; low, medium and high. But actually only two signals are sent to the system; medium and high. So actually the control is the same as with a roller shutter. The up and down signals go to the motor. In the neutral position, no signal goes to the motor.

    So I think I can use a Shelly 2.5 to take over the control from this three position switch.

    My only question is if I can disable the "OPEN/CLOSE WORKING TIME", for example by setting this time to zero.

    Does anyone have experience with disabling this working time?

    I would really advise you to use clamps if you want to connect more than one wire to a port of your Shelly (which clamp depends on whether you use solid wire or standard wire).

    The ports in the Shelly are soldered to the circuit board. By connecting more wires to one single port, you put unnecessary strain on the port (and the circuit board).

    I use as much standard wire as possible to connect my Shelly (I always tin the ends BTW) and connect them with clamps if I need two on one port.