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    My friends here's whats Shelly support have decided to my "impossible reset consumption data" on one of my Shelly 1 PM:


    It's normal that? Tell me to create a new account?

    This is normal? I have more than 50 devices and I must create a new account and configure everything again just because one of my Shelly does not delete the data when I do a hard reset? Is it normal what support gave me as a solution? Shouldn't the device be like the Shelly EM that you can even reset via the app.

    best to pocket out the clamps against original Wago. The supplied ones are not good.

    Hi. You are correct! I discovered the connectors are to wide to the small wires.

    I just don't know why they are selled with that connectors.



    I have bought a temperature addon. I have connected the temperature sensor and installed on one of my already working Shelly 1, but the sensor doesn't appears on the settings. I have already tried some reboots but no sensor.

    I need to do a reset to that device?

    Thank's in advance.


    Hi have changed one of my Shelly 1 PM to another room, i have made a hard reset.

    But something strange happened

    - The consumption values remains the same from previous room

    - A scene still turning on that Shelly scene (used on previous room). I have also tried to delete that scene but the scene stills running...

    How can i fix that?


    OK. Just a new question when the physical switch it's pressed on a 2.5 Shelly how the relay changes to on? The coil needs a DC current to close the coil? The processs it's equal to wi-fi command and sw command?


    Can anyone explain me what's that? As i can see sometimes apears a blue bar on button but i can't understaind nothing about that.

    That option isn't available to me!!! It will be nice to share devices with oother accounts only the settings i want. Only use open or only close or both with no settings change etc.

    Dear Michael,

    same answer as more than one year ago. It is a bit bothering to set up all my Shelly actors (n=7) every time again (rooms, pictures, settings ...) when members of my family want to control them as I do with their own devices (tablet, smart phone). Being able to copy the settings from one or all actors in one account to another account or from one device to another would be very helpful. Can this be solved by using one 'un-personalized account' used on different devices by different users?

    Thanks for any hints!


    Yes it's true

    Can be available an administrator and users that can only access to the devices the administrator wants...

    MIHO Could you please let me know how to wire it to Shelly flood? Shelly Flood has 3 pins ...

    I think you must to conect the 2 wires on exernal sensor to the exterior pin near the Shelly logo inside device and one od he top ones. you can connect and try until find the right ones

    only if you imitate a momentary switch.

    And set the button type to momentary too

    Oh ok. So if i have a normal on/off switch i can't activate a scene without a specific condition. It will be nice something like 5 time reset. Anything such 2 rapid on/off to activate a scene...


    On the Shelly 2.5 on the Scene setting i have the options Button pushes: 1. When Shelly relay button is short pressed and When Shelly relay button is long pressed.

    How can i do a short or long press on an banal on/off switch?


    Hi. It's possible to use that sensor as rain detector? Can i put the sensor on the exterior ans use on a Scene to close shutter if rains? the sensor can be used on exterior and be cover by water?


    Hi people.

    Anyone can tell me if the Duo has dim memory? If i select the light at 25%, switch off the lamp pn the mechanical switch and turn on again the lamp goes to 25% again or 100%?