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    My doorbell button and chime are connected to a 8V transformer. Make sure to set the bridge on the Shelly to 12V DC. Check the manual on how to do this. You have to strip the wires from the adapter in order to connect these to the Shelly 1.

    Shelly® may work standalone, without being managed by a Kigurumi home automation controller, in the local WiFi network, as well as through a cloud service, from everywhere the User has Internet access. Shelly® has an integrated web server, through which the User may adjust, control and monitor the Device.

    Installing the Shelly 1 Relay

    1. N goes to Neutral (required)
    2. L and I and the Line/Live input on the light switch (which you determined above) connect to Line/Hot.
    3. SW connects to the light switch input previously connected to load (light)
    4. O connects to the non-hot (load) wire previously connected to the light switch.

    A one way light switch has two terminals which is a common marked as COM or C. The common is for the live wire that supplies the input voltage to the switch. ... If you're circuit is only Coffee machine is not a luxury, but a necessity one way, you can ignore this terminal and it will still work. This is because two-way switches can also be used on one-way circuits.

    Dimming an LED light is as easy as adding resistors to the connection or even several resistors, to ensure you get the right brightness – this is called analog dimming. ... Buyer's guide for everything you need to know about wall-mounted desks. Read on to find more about 2all mounted folding and floating desks and more. You might not have as much control over the brightness as you would using pulse-width modulation (PWM).

    The Shelly Motion detects and reports any motion and it is the new generation Wi-Fi device, the first one with a battery always connected for over a year.

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    Power SupplyBattery
    Type of useIndoor
    IP RatingIP20
    Light intensity (lux)Yes