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    A lot of my motivation is to make using the smart home devices as pleseant as possible for my mother when she visits. She hates multi-button remotes and glass touch panels and is even less fond of apps and voice assistants. My search for a smart switch in the familiar US "toggle" style was what brought me to Shelly in the first place.

    Using "actions" in the regular firmware, is it possible to make any more complex http requests? I'd like send a "put" request and add a body to the request. I'm trying to interface with the local API of my Bond ceiling fan control, which requires both. I don't have (and don't really want to have) a dedicated smart home "hub" or MQTT server; I just want to make direct local requests. Getting the cloud out another service like IFTTT involved makes the connection much too slow to be of any use.

    Also is it possible to "hold" the on/off action waiting for a possible short press action? I have a simple toggle switch connected to the switch input and all using it in a detached state. I want to set it up such that if turn the switch on and leave or off and leave it, it toggles the state of a smart bulb in a lamp. But if I switch it on and off quickly, it instead toggles the light on my ceiling fan without also triggering the smart bulb. As I currently have it I can trigger the fan light but not without the other bulb going on and off a couple of times.

    Is there any difference between the UL listed versions of the Shelly 1 and Shelly 2.5 and the un-listed versions? I understand the increased price to cover the cost of certification, but I want to know if there are any other differences.

    Also, does anyone have any guesses on how something like a Shelly would be counted in "box fill" calculations for purposes of US electrical code? (…31/box-fill-calculations/)

    Does anyone know if there's any chance of a USA version of the Shelly plug?

    I don't have Facebook, so I don't see any announcements or anything there. (Social media isn't good for me.)

    Yes, I understand. ? I imagine that would be a security nightmare in addition to increasing Allterco's server and hosting fees.

    If it weren't for different pin-outs, I'd have tried to install the Shelly firmware on the Sonoff.

    I wish I could put the Shelly firmware on some Sonoffs I have. I was underwhelmed with eWeLink and put Tasmota on them, but I'm not much happier with that. I went with the Sonoffs because I really wanted the rf control so I could use the remote in a room that has no switch wiring. (Previously, to turn the overhead light on/off in that room you had to go out of the room to switch in the stairwell.) The Sonoffs gave me the control options I wanted, but I wish I could integrate them in the Shelly app/cloud. I much prefer the look/feel and options in the Shelly firmware.

    If anyone is interested, I created a cloud-to-cloud integration between SmartThings and My Shelly. You would have to set it up yourself as your own AWS lambda function and enable developer options in the newest SmartThings app, but it works to connect the Shelly 1, 1PM, and 2.5. My code is here :

    My goal in creating it was actually to link *Cortana* with Shelly, but the learning curve in creating a Cortana smart home skill was too steep for me. I was already using SmartThings to connect a few other things to Cortana and the SmartThings integration examples were a little easier to follow, so I went with it. I don't actually have a SmartThings hub, which is why I went with cloud-to-cloud instead of local. It probably wouldn't be too difficult to adapt it to local use with a hub of anyone wanted to.

    It's almost the first thing I've done with node.js, so feel free to comment on any issues you see if you'd like.

    Thank you!