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    i'm using it as a "router" managing all connections and using my ISP router as gateway. I have also other smart devices (plugs) and none having this issue.. .only shelly.

    About resetting, i placed shelly on lighting fixture, so its not that easy to reset it every time there is a powerloss. The reason i buy it, was that from my wall switch only one cable goes to light fixture (if i close the switch no power going to Shelly). My light has two lines so i used shelly to turn on each light line separately.

    I will try to reset it and connect it to my ISP router.. if i still have the same issues, i will go for another company to resolve the issue.

    Please also note that there arent any logs to my router, so the device is not even trying to connect ..and some days decides to connect.

    I tried to figure out what causing the issue, but without any luck.

    Initial configuration was with static IP but still every time shelly was powered off, when power restored was not connecting to wlan.

    I change it to dynamic IP, i added dhcp entry for shelly, i change wlan to static channel, i disable smart connect from router (in order to have seperate 2.4g and 5g ssid's) nothing is working. And to be honest, its is not a solution to factory reset the device each time it fails to connect !!!!!!

    I have a TP-Link Archer C6 to manage my devices... i guess i will try to add it to old router to check if there is any incompatibility issues. though to do that, shelly must decide to connect.

    I'm extremely disappointed with Shelly... not stable at all !!!!!!!!

    I'm having the same issue, everytime there is a powerloss... I even set wifi channel to static in case this helps... but no luck..

    Last time took shelly 1 day to re-connect to wifi.. now 2 days an still i'm unable to use it...... and due to the location i put it is not practical to hard reset it.

    (though this is not an actual solution ..we have a smart device that we cannot use it)

    Router is Speedport Plus from Sercomm. It is the one provided from our ISP.

    There is any specific requirement in order shelly to access internet ? Because i have more than 15 devices that has no issue accessing the internet.


    - there are no logs on Shelly to figure out whats wrong.

    - I'm unable to perform firmware upgrade, my firmware is The current Firmware version of your Shelly device is 20191217-074901/1047-long-id-for-shelly-

    WAN Status

    Connection NameInternet_VDSL
    Transfer ModePTM
    IP VersionIPv4/IPv6
    Connection NameIPTV_VDSL
    Transfer ModePTM

    Dear all,

    I just purchased a Shelly 2.5 to test it. I manage to configure it as i liked but i'm facing a strange issue.

    It is not connecting to shelly cloud!!

    I configured a static IP and i can access the URL of shelly.

    Any help will be appreciated