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    Well, my unit reported a max temp of 97,8 celcius, so the protection at 95 degrees did not work.

    With trailing edge, temp is stable at 44 tot 48 degrees, depending on whether or not the lamp is on.

    Hi, I installed my first Shelly, a dimmer2, this afternoon. I connected it to Domoticz through MQTT and saw that the temerature rose quickly to 97,8 degrees celcius at 90%. There are 6 LED bulbs in the lamp, together they are approx 36W or something. The overheating warning did not kick in but I do not feel comfortable with something that hot in my wall. Furtheremore I read that the cut-off temp is 95 degrees celcius, which did not seem to be the case.

    I stumbled upon this thread, changed the calibration to trailing edge, and the temperature immediately dropped to 56,8 degrees at 90%, now it is 54,3 at 90%.

    It seems that leading/trailing edge makes a lot of difference. However, the temp drop is so quick, almost 40 degrees celcius in 1-3 minutes (97,8 -> 56,8) that I wonder if the temperature reading is correct at all. Maybe the 97,8 was a wrong value at all and the Shelly never got this warm?

    Has anyone actually measured the temp, to ascertain if the temp reading is correct?