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    Dear Shelly team,

    All of my dimmers are upgraded to the newest firmware 1.8.4. But on 2 dimmers flickering still occurs. Are you still working on the problem?

    firmware 1.8.4

    L and N connected

    trailing edge

    150 antiflickering

    4 x dimmable led 4,6 watt on 1 dimmer

    The first dimmer installed with new firmware stopped flickering at all. But 1 other dimmer is still flickering.

    Specs -> newest firmware

    4 GU10 4,6 watt dimmable led spots on 1 dimmer.

    L en N connected

    calibrated with trailing edge

    anti flickering on 150.


    I just witnessed one of my old dimmers flash. I'm not 100% sure but I think the dimmer with new firmware didn't flash (would be really fantastic!). But there is something new:

    The dimmer or led lamp with new firmware makes a high-frequency sound that was not there with older firmware version. I did recalibrate the dimmer with trailing edge calibration. When dimmed 0-20%, the lamp/shellydimmer makes no audible sound. From 20 to 100% the high frequency sound becomes louder and louder.

    To me the blinking seems to be synchronous with turning on the outside lights in our street. Maybe this has a relation?

    Only for Shelly Dimmer 2

    Okay we preapre special test version to resolve the issue, and need you to install and tell us the results. To install this version you need to check IP of the device and execute from the browser:


    Please don't do it for all dimmer, try one by one. You can go back to stock firmware anytime.

    Thank you!

    Just installed the firmware by the link above for 1 shelly 2 dimmer.


    Firmware: 20200901-124636/1415-dimmer2-flickering-in-noisy-condition@f6cfc16b

    1 dimmable LED spot (gu10) 4,5 watt.

    L and N still connected.

    I'll keep you updated.

    Updated 1 dimmer to 1.8.3 in the afternoon. All dimmers were good till 20:58. At this time all dimmers were flashing at the same sequence. Setup is the same:


    - Shelly dimmer firmware version 1.8.3 (2 other dimmers at 1.7.6)

    - 1 GU10 LED light, 5 watts dimmable

    - Trailing edge calibrated.

    - Dimmer dimmed at 57%

    - L and N both connected

    - Flicker 3/4 times, 10 seconds good, flicker 3/4 times, 10 seconds good. flicker 3/4 times, 10 seconds good. Total duration 3 minutes.

    Little update,

    Just had a long day without problems (13:00 till 20:45). But 3 minutes after turning on the (water) kettle the lights started to flicker. Two shelly dimmers where involved and flashing at the same time.


    - Shelly dimmer firmware version 1.7.6 (1.8.x does not work with my home automation system)

    - 1 GU10 LED light, 5 watts dimmable for each shelly dimmer

    - Trailing edge calibrated.

    - Dimmer1 dimmed at 70%, other at 45%

    - L and N both connected

    - Flicker 3/4 times, 10 seconds good, flicker 3/4 times, 10 seconds good. flicker 3/4 times, 10 seconds good. (pattern for what I could see)

    Update: 1.7.7 does not fix the blinking.

    further I read things about high temperatures. Is there danger of fire? Otherwise they go back immediately!

    best forum readers,

    A couple of days ago I bought 7 shelly dimmer 2's. 4 of them I installed (with neutral) and all 4 flicker (often exactly at the same time). While reading this forum I downgraded all 4 to version 1.7.7.

    I come from the Netherlands and live in a house built in 2016. This problem must be fixed otherwise all 7 go back to the supplier. What I would really regret because for the rest they are great