Flickering LED bulbs with bypass Shelly 1L

  • There has been lot of problems with flickering led bulbs when Shelly 1L has been used with bypass. Quite many users have same issues as seen here Shelly 1L flickering LED bulbs

    In my case I'm using Shelly 1L to control two led bulb (Airam GU10 4,5W) and I got bypass installed. When the switch is turned on, no problems but when the switch is turned off, there is visible pale flickering from the bulbs. Bypass should solve this issue, but in my case it doesn't. If the bulbs are the issue, please guide me to the right direction to what bulb are known to work in this scenario, thanks

    Firmware: 20210429-100426/v1.10.4-g3f94cd7

  • I did some trouble shooting today and replaced the 2 x 4,5W bulbs with 2 x 10W led bulbs and removed the bypass (since the power is now 20W total). The flickering stopped when switch is off, but now the led bulbs are slightly illuminated - enough to see in daylight. Then I added the bypass and system is now operating as expected. So it took total of 40W to fix the issue. Weird.