Unable to find network in list when adding new device

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to add devices to the app for the first time. But when I go to "Add Device" the list for available networks is empty. See attached screenshot. I have a 2.4 network up and running (named WiFi 2G) just fine. I googled the problem but couldn't find anything about it. Is it a common problem?

    I'm thinking that maybe it's my naming convention that's the problem. I will rename the network to just lowercase characters and without the space. But I'm asking here before I do that because I have lots and lots of devices connected to the network.

    Anyone with ideas why the list is empty?


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  • Did you go trhu first steps when a Shelly is powered up for the first time and it builds its own WIFI to which you have to connect first, in order to integrate it into your WIFI?

    After connecting to Shellies WIFI (by Smartphone with deactivated mobile internet connection) you have to open Shellies configuration webpage by entering the IP address in your webbrowser.

    Once you went thru this steps and entered the credidentials of your WIFI and saved the settings you can open the App and after a few seconds the Shelly should turn up as discovered device for further configuration.

    Best is to add one by one and before the are built into your walls and are hardly accessible. A lot of users use an open end cable with plug on one end (be careful when doing that and always diconnect the plug first before you touch anything), such they can be configured and once everything works fine they can be transfered to their final location.

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  • Thank you for your quick reply.

    I added my devices to my network using and then the app found them and I could add. Everything seems to work fine.