Read Input via MQTT

  • Hello everyone,
    Is there a straight forward way to "ask" a flashed (Tasmota 9.4.0) Shelly1 about its Input state on the SW input (should be gpio 5 think)? Important: I can not use the message when the state changes, I really need to be able to ask at any time.

    If i send state/shellyName/POWER I receive the current state of the Relay, the same thing I would like to receive from the Input.

    I have read a lot but either I haven't found anything or is there just no simple solution?

    My workaround would be to change the device type from shelly1 to generic, assign gpio5 with switchmode to a virtual relay on an unused pin and then "simply" ask the shelly as described above about its relay status which corresponds to the gpio status. This is what I found but I have not implemented this as I think there must be a simpler solution?

    Thank you in advance!