'Normal' 2 Button Dimmer Control with Shelly I3 possible?

  • I use 2 momentary buttons to control Shelly dimmers, and I wish to add remote 2 momentary button control of one of the dimmers using a Shelly I3 and have them operating exactly the same as if they were physically connected.

    The Shelly dimmer exposes all the commands required to do this via the API (toggle power, begin dim up/down, stop dim) - however, according to the documentation, the I3 seems to be missing one action needed to implement standard 2 button operation of a dimmer:

    short press = toggle power

    long press = begin dim up/down (depending on whether it is the up or down button)

    but the Shelly I3 appears to have no 'stop long press' event required to cancel dimming in the same way as physically attached 2 button operation - or am I missing something?

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