Shelly 1 Two way switch with momentary switches

  • Hi all,

    I am in the process of making all my "dumb" switches "smart".

    So far I have managed to make the 1 way switches work perfectly. However my luck ran out when I tried the 2 way / hotelswitch variant.

    I folowed the folowing schema


    I am using momentary switches and changed the button type to momentary. When I combine the cables going to the SW port of the shelly using a WAGO welding clamp, neither of the switches will turn on the light. When I connect them individually they work fine.

    Does anyone know what I am missing here? This is driving me nuts.

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  • Each single switch of the 3 is working when connected alone? Very strange.

    You can check the detection state of the SW input when you go to the website of the Shelly 1 device (enter its IP address in the browser). A blue bar in the switch logo shows, whether the input is detected active (blue) or not (white). When the switches are not working, the marker can be either always on or never.


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    Managed to solve it by good old trial and error.

    Problem was I got an Busch-Jaeger 2020 US-206 switch. With this one you can do both NC and NO switching. I just changed the ports where I insert the black cable and it worked like a charm.