Using Shelly 2.5 to control blinds currently operated with Somfy motor and RTS slim receiver

  • Hi there,

    I currently have a bunch of Shelly 1, Shelly 1L, Shelly 2.5, Shelly Dimmer 2, Shelly i3 and Shelly Button 1 installed to control lights - everything is working as expected.

    I am moving to the next step which is: controlling blinds with Shelly.

    My current blinds are controlled via a wireless remote controller - I have no physical wired switch. The setup is the following:

    I am looking to add a Shelly 2.5 to allow me control the blinds. This should allow me controlling the blinds either with my current remote controller or via Shelly App.

    For sure I will use one Shelly 2.5 per blind motor.

    My idea is to connect the Shelly 2.5 between the "RTS slim receiver" and the motor.

    My questions

    1. Does anyone have a similar configuration?

    2. Does a Shelly 2.5 work for this?

    3. Would it be correct connecting the Shelly 2.5 between the "RTS slim receiver" and the motor ? (would still need to connect Neutral in addition to the outputs from the receiver)

    4. Any other advice? (I don't want to use a box)


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  • Hello, it should work with Shelly 2.5 between RTS Receiver and motor. You need Live from the input of the receiver to supply the Shelly, you have Neutral at the output. The two receiver switched output signals are wired to SW1 and SW2 of the Shelly.