• The Shelly 3 EM since installation about 3 months ago frequently loses the Wi-Fi connection and reconnects after a few minutes. The Signal strength is "excellent" with -55dBm . I have several Shelly 1 's and Shelly 1PM where there is no disconnect to the WiFi . I have the latest firmware update :

    Current version: 20210413-154243/v1.10.2-gb89901a

    What is going wrong ?

    When active , all the figures are accurate . I use the Shelly Cloud App, the Web UI and the Shelly integration to Home Assistant .I have reset the 3EM several times , but the same problem persists.

    I look forward to your assistance.

  • I'd enable debug log in order to check why the device gets disconnected..


    then Settings - Device Info - Enable Debug Log


    After next disconnect check (or post) the logs..

    10x Shelly1, 7x Shelly 1PM, 2xShelly 1L, 9x Shelly 2.5, 3x Shelly2, 1x Shelly EM, 2x ShellyDimmer, 3x ShellyDimmer2, 1x Shelly 3EM, 1x Shelly4Pro, 1x Shelly Button1, 4x Shelly Duo, 1x, ShellyDuo G10, 3x ShellyVintage, 1x Shelly Bulb, 8x ShellyDuoG10RGB, 1x ShellyPlug, 2x ShellyRGBW2, 5x Shelly PlugS. 1x Shelly Sense, 3x Shelly i3, 1x Shelly Gas, 4x Shelly H&T, 1x Shelly Flood, 2x ShellyDoor&Window2, 3x TempAddon, 1x ShellyMotion

  • Greetings ,,,attaching two debug fils for your review.

    Appreciate the way forward.


    • log1.pdf

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    • log 2.pdf

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