Shelly H&T goes Homematic - with original firmware (V2)

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    Hello everybody,

    even the Shelly H & T can be integrated with the original firmware in Homematic.

    A flash of third-party firmware like Tasmota is not necessary.

    This has the advantage that app and cloud compatibility are preserved.

    This description is version 2 of this little prject.

    # 1 Introduction and project presentation

    # 2 Settings Shelly

    # 3 Integration in Homematic

    CUxD HT V2.png

    Shelly H&T as a virtual device in Homematic

    In addition to temperature and humidity, the battery voltage and battery status can also be displayed as an option.

    Furthermore, a failure of the Shelly H & T can be detected and reported.

    All App and Cloud Shelly properties are fully retained, regardless of use in Homematic.

    Querying the information puts a strain on the battery and shortens its life cycle!

    In order to save the battery as best as possible, my implementation recognizes when the Shelly H & T sends its data. And then the information for Homematic is retrieved. An additional awakening of the Shelly H & T does not take place.

    The degree of extra battery load depends on the desired data accuracy and the resulting setting in the Shelly H & T.

    I myself run all installed Shelly on a Homematic Charly with CCU3 firmware.

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    Shelly H&T:

    There is only 1 entry necessary in the Shelly H & T:

    To set the system variable in Homematic to "in order", we use the "Actions" function of the Shelly H & T, which can only be set in the WEB UI via browser.

    At this point, the note that currently the data can not be transferred directly via Actions to Homematic.

    Shelly HT Actions.png



    Adapt the IP address and name of the used Homematic-system variable (here: Shelly-HT_Ausfall_1)

    That's all in this part of coupling.

    Now have fun with it. ;)

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    Integration in Homematic

    If not yet available, please create a device (28) System Exec! Above that the commands are issued. (No entries are made in CUxD-Exec!)

    For 1 Shelly H&T we need 4 system-variables in Homematic:

    Bildschirmfoto vom 2019-10-19 20-51-31.png
    The name has to be the same, you named in the Shelly-UI in #2!

    Sysvar.jpgOther names can be choosen by yourself

    Now, you 've to create:

    1 CUxD-device (90)

    funktion: Thermostat

    name: what ever you want

    Icon: should be freely selectable (I take the wall thermostat)The already created variables are assigned to channel 1 of the CUxD device.Futher, we need 1 channel of an existing or new created CUxD-Timer. The setup of the timer:Timer HT.png

    The code for SYSTEM|CMD_EXEC:

    extra/timer.tcl Shelly-HT_Ausfall_1 0

    Adapt the name of the system variable (here: Shelly-HT_Ausfall_1)

    At least, you create a program:

    Programm Aktualisierung V2.png

    (The 2nd IF line is not relevant for the process, but part of my CCU, will be omitted from you)

    The script in the programm:

    Please, as always, adjust the IP address, CUxD addresses and names of system variables

    Have fun and success with it. :thumbup:


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    I have just released the new V2.3 update script.


    simplified setup (completely at the beginning of the script)

    Have fun with it.:thumbup: