Can't change to white or color mode

  • For example when the Bulb RGBW is in color mode, it can't switch to white mode from a HTTP command I use manually in a webbrowser or via Shelly Motion...

    Command :

    Result :


    So the command doesn't return any error but doesn't change to white mode as requested.

    Anyone has an idea? Is the http req invalid?

    Haven't reset the bulb yet... ;(

  • After you do some research, you will find:

    COLOR mode

    curl --request GET ''


    WHITE mode

    curl --request GET ''

  • Thanks for that as I hit a similar problem to the OP.

    That being said according to the API notes it should work:


    There it says it is possible to set the parameter 'mode' to either 'color' or 'white' using that API.


    So it should in theory work...

    What I've observed is that which ever mode the bulb is in, using with that URI it will always switch to color mode.


    If the bulb in color mode and http://<IP_ADDRESS>/light/0?mode=white is called then it stays in color mode.

    If the bulb in white mode and http://<IP_ADDRESS>/light/0?mode=white is called then it switches to color mode.

    At least http://<IP_ADDRESS>/settings/?mode=white works like it should,

  • You're right. There is the official documentation, but then an engineer implemented (possibly an improvement) and the specs changed a little. Like all engineers, we hate creating/updating documents. We love coding :D So, it's a fact of life, I think, always discrepancies will exist :D :D