Issues with update frequency of Shelly sensors: trying to use auxiliary sensors

  • Hello!

    I have three battery-operated Shelly sensors (H&T, Door/Window 2 and Motion). I put this in the DW2 subforum because the system won't let me select more than one Shelly, but this applies to all three of them.

    Firmware version is v1.10.1 for the H&T, v1.1.0 for the Shelly Motion, and v1.10.2 for the DW2. I've configured them to use CoIoT and specified my host IP (my host is a Raspberry Pi with Home Assistant).

    My issue is, they don't seem to update values regularly, or very often, when left on their own. For instance, if I open and close the door my DW2 is on, it will report the illuminance, temperature, vibration, and open/close values. It might update frequently for a while, but after some time it stops (or takes a few hours to report again).

    Same thing happens if I shake my Shelly Motion, triggering the vibration sensor.

    I imagine the updates are not meant to be at regular intervals, and are instead triggered by changes sensed by the auxiliary sensors, in order to lower energy consumption. However, it seems that it only reports if the "main" sensor. Does anyone know how this works? Would it be possible, for example, to get my Shelly DW2 to report the values of all of its sensors if any of them change?

    Not trying to reverse-engineer the firmware here 🙂 I just want to know if I can use the DW2 as a temperature sensor as well as a door sensor, or if it's limited exclusively to being an auxiliary sensor for door status updates.

    Also, I'm now aware that the Shelly Motion has a bug that makes it go offline if no activity takes place for a long time.

    tl;dr: I've been trying to use secondary sensors in my Shelly sensors, like the illuminance sensor in the DW2 and Motion. However, these values don't get reported often (and the device often appears unavailable). Any info about how the Shellies decide when and which values to send would help.

    Thanks in advance!