Night mode

  • First Shelly device I have is a Dimmer 2 inside a Shelly button with the idea it's linked to a bedside lamp.

    How does Night mode work?

    I've enabled it with the correct time and give it 10% but...

    If I use the physical button it just comes on at the % it was last at, I can the hold it to increase the brightness and it never stops till it gets to 100%

    I have it linked via MQTT to Home Assistant and this does the same, On just turns it on and at last % setting, I can fully dim it from HA GUI.

  • Hi there,

    I'm also using two SHDM2 currently (latest 1.10.3 FW) and one of these with night mode enabled. But also in my case the feature seems not to work properly or I am misunderstanding it?

    When I enable the night mode for a specific time frame, e.g. 10 pm till 5:30 a.m. @6%, the lights do not go to their respective higher percentage after 5:30 a.m. which is usually 35% in my case.

    Also they do not go from 35% to 6% after 10 p.m.

    Am I doing something wrong? :/

    Time of the SHDM2 is correct. I've no other schedules set, just night mode enabled.

    Thanks for any hints.


  • Yes, I don't understand this Shelly Night mode on some devices either, even after reading the explanation from Shelly several times.
    The name is very confusing, as it is certainly not just 'dusk2dawn'... (if it was, why force people to set the hours?)

    I'd very much love to hear from people if they use this functionality, and if they do, maybe they can better explain than Shelly what it is and how it works...

    • Official Post

    The night mode changes the brightness to the set value in the set time each time it is switched on.


    Night mode 22-6 10%

    Clock 21:30 Turn on With 70%

    When you now doesn't switch off and on again after 22 it will stay at this value.

    When you now switch on at 22:15 it will change to the set 10%.

    This happen every changing in the night mode working time.

    After night mode it doesn't go up, because the device uses every time the last set value. In this case the 10%.

    When you haven't a night mode and switch you light off with e.g. 50% it will turn on with this too

    Hope it is understandable