Trying to get /inputs/0 through http

  • Hi,

    Shelly Dimmer2

    For various reasons, I am not able to use MQTT and unfortunately, the string length from the http://X.X.X.X/status call returns a string of ~1160 characters. This causes an error in the control system, which can only handle strings up to 1024 characters.

    I am trying to get the current state of the SW input using the http calls so that I can enable/disable actions of the control system if any manual switching is carried out. I can see what I need in /status...

    ..inputs: [{input: 0, event: "", event_cnt: 24}, {input: 0, event: "", event_cnt: 0}]...

    this starts at character ~570.

    I have tried many combinations based on other calls, but to no avail. If anyone knows if an http call is possible for the SW input status, it would be a great help.