Safe to connect SW to Neutral ?

  • Hello everyone,

    I just tried an unusual mounting with a Shelly 1PM.

    I connect the SW to the Neutral through a switch, and it works, when the switch is closed, it is correctly detected by the Shelly "as closed".

    I looked to the current through the switch, it's about 2mA, but I don't know the tension, maybe about 100V.

    When doing the "right" mount, connecting SW to the Live, the current is much lower, about 2µA, and about 3V.

    So my questions are :

    - Will I kill the Shelly with my unusual mount ? Or is it ok ?

    - Will the Shelly overheat, due to the 2mA, maybe 0,2W ?

    - Should I insert some resistor in serial with my switch ? Witch value ?

    Thanks in advance for your knowledge and replies.

    Best regards.

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