Network issues with Shelly 1 Temperature add-on

  • Hi, I have lots of Shelly 1 devices in my network and all ping fine (~4-5ms response). When recently installing a newer Shelly with temperature module add-on (with a single DS18B20 connected, and latest 1.10.1 firmware) I noticed occasional slow response (e.g. when clicking the on/off button on the local web UI, or when clicking buttons in Home Assistant).

    To investigate I was pinging the new Shelly 1 and I noticed regular ping timeouts (e.g. sometimes as often as every 5 or 10 seconds) and I noticed that when it does respond, every 5th response is slow at 250-600ms.

    I have two other Shellys with temperature add-ons too and I've just tested pinging those and surprisingly I see exactly the same behaviour (i.e. every 5th ping is very slow), although the timeouts are slightly less frequent, maybe only 3-4 times per minute on those, but they are on older firmware.

    So, this seems to be a bug/fault with the temperature add-on that is causing the Shelly to become briefly unresponsive. :(

    Has anyone else noticed this? I know from experimenting with Arduinos that there are various ways of retrieving the temperature from DS18B20's that take longer if you want more accuracy. Perhaps the implementation inside Shelly needs fixing?

    I will probably try and report this as an issue on the Shelly support site but would be good to see if any of you can do a simple ping -t test and see what you get

  • The two existing Shelly 1's that I now know exhibit the same issue are on 1.9.0 (+two temperature sensors) and 1.9.4 (one sensor). The newer one is on 1.10.1. All three behave the same - some sort of very significant slowdown inside the Shelly approximately ever 5 seconds, which is presumably what causes the intermittent slowness in responses to any external activity (whether that is pings, the device's Web UI, or Home Assistant)