request URL for H&T

  • Hi there,

    I want to periodically collect the temperature and humidity readings from a H&T sensor and save them in a database. I'm already doing this for several other Shellies, (EM, 1PM and Plug) which are always turned ON and I can just ping them for the info and obtain a http return (http://192.168.1.xx/emeter/0 , etc).

    For the H&T this is more complicated since it only wakes up from time to time. I want to make use of the REPORT URL feature for this, which I believe would receive the status (temp and hum) upon wake up, correct?

    My question is how to do this...? I have a raspberriypi as a server running telegraf which periodically pings the shellies for the info as I mentioned above, so I configured it to get the data from the shellies IPs. For the H&T REPORT URL, I should configure the REPORT URL with the raspberry IP ? Should I point to a specific port ? Any tips on how I would edit the config file of telegraf to retrieve the data coming from the H&T ?


  • Hi,

    you've to check for reachability of the H&T .

    Or if you use Report URL, send ip/status to the shelly in reaction to the report.

    Here is an example how i do this in Homematic.

  • Right, I know that the H&T is not reachable most of the time, that's why I want to have it push the information "somewhere"...

    My question revolves around how to do that. What address to put in the request URL, considering I have a server actively collecting the data from the other Shellies ?

    If I use the address of my server, how to then go from there...? Add a port in front of the address ? How can I get the information from the H&T saved ...? (bonus if someone can help me via Telegraf :)