searching for solution: 1 power cable, 2 lights and seperate control true push buttons

  • Hello

    I am currently looking for a solution to a lighting problem. In our breakfast corner, 4 recessed spotlights currently provide lighting. There is 1 power cable that is further looped to the 3 other spots. So 1 power cable provides power for the 4 spots. The power cable comes directly from the electrical box. The switching is done true push buttons (12V, Bticino) and Impuls switch in the electrical cabinet. Now we would like to make a suspended ceiling in the breakfast corner to hide the current recessed spotlights. Then we want to hang a lighting fixture on the suspended ceiling and provide indirect mood lighting in the suspended ceiling. However, I would like to switch these 2 light points separately. Since there is only 1 supply cable for power, I do not immediately see a possible solution. Are there any systems in the product range of shelly to make this possible? So something that can be built into the ceiling (or electrical box or behind de push buttons) and controlled by means of the existing push buttons?

    Can shelly's systems possibly offer a solution here?

  • Mhm one possibility can be a 2.5 (230V side) with an relays (12/230V) for the button.

    And than using cycle switch at SW1 or SW2

    I don't know there right order, have to look for it but as example now.

    Every line is now one click

    Ch1 on ch2 off

    Ch1 on ch2 on

    Ch1 off ch2 on

    Ch1 off ch2 off

    So you can have two separated lamps

    When I have another idea I will write again