Shelly2.5 wiring with different circuits for wall switch and motor

  • When a Shell2.5 is connected to an AC blinds motor, and also connected to a wall switch, does the current feeding the motor flow through the L input of the Shelly to the Motor, or does it flow through the Switch to the motor, through the Shelly? Or both?

    See the uploaded image.

    Due to house wiring, there is only a twin core and earth cable from shelly to the wall switch. This means that I have two options for wiring the switch:
    1. Use all the twin-core-and-earth cable, all 3 wires, to connect the switch to the shelly. This means that a the earth wire will be live or switched live. I want to avoid this.

    2. In the location of the switch, there's another Live feed from a lights switch, on a different fuse. I could use that as Live and use the 2 sleeved wires of the twin-core-and-earth cable to connect the switch to SW1 and SW2 on the shelly.

    What kind of current will flow through the switch in this scenario? Is my assumption correct that the motor is powered through the Shelly's L inputs only, and the switch power is unrelated?

    Is the above wiring unsafe in any way (using two different fused circuits, one for switching, one for the motor+shelly)? Are the two circuits bridged inside the shelly?

  • georgek

    Changed the title of the thread from “Amperage through switch wired to Shelly2.5” to “Shelly2.5 wiring with different circuits for wall switch and motor”.