Shelly Flood Battery Life

  • I recently got a Shelly Flood Sensor and updated it to the latest firmware currently available.

    My problem is that the battery is completely eaten up in 1 day! Completely pathetic!!! I’ve tried a variety of settings etc with 3 batteries now.... so 3 batteries in 3 days. What a POS.

    All the settings on the Flood Sensor are default except for the following:

    - Static IP address configured

    - Username / password on the interface

    - Cloud disabled

    - MQTT enabled

    At first I thought maybe the signal quality was not good (as it was behind the wash machine), so I moved it now to my desk (about 1m away from the AP [UniFi UAP-AC-Pro]) and even there the battery is dead within a day.

    Anyone else having this problem?