Dimming high voltage LED

  • I'd like to dim an aquarium LED light. Checked that DC going into LED bar is approx 134V and 37W. AC component is less than 2 voltage. Only one channel. Didn't see any electronics on LED bar, just LED elements glued to aluminium bar.

    As Dimmer 2 specs says " Dimmable LED: 50-200VA / 10W – 200W" - would it be able to handle this?

    Actually I have two identical LED lights. Assuming I would find power source powerful enough for two can I control two LEDs with single dimmer?

    Can it use DC for powering itself?


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  • Dimming an LED light is as easy as adding resistors to the connection or even several resistors, to ensure you get the right brightness – this is called analog dimming. ... Buyer's guide for everything you need to know about wall-mounted desks. Read on to find more about 2all mounted folding and floating desks and more. You might not have as much control over the brightness as you would using pulse-width modulation (PWM).