Shelly Motion lux value

  • My Shelly Motion keeps showing 0 lux on the web interface of the device (in bright daylight). Anyone else with the same issues? Before I did a reboot, it was frozen at 7 lux (in bright daylight).

    Motion enabled webhooks works like a charm, although the blind time is a bit too long, even at the minimum time of 1 minute.


  • Mine doesn't have a lux issue, but I agree I also would like to have the option to have '0' seconds, and have a signal every single time a motion event occurs.

    Also, I was charging mine, and charging, and charging... 24 hours long. Manual said orange/reddish light would go off next to USB, but it never went off. After 24 hours, I finally decided to activate it anyway, and hey, battery was 100%. Another one, I activated first, then started charging, and said light did go out when battery was shown at 100% in the interface.
    Small funny things :)

  • The Shelly Motion detects and reports any motion and it is the new generation Wi-Fi device, the first one with a battery always connected for over a year.

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    Power SupplyBattery
    Type of useIndoor
    IP RatingIP20
    Light intensity (lux)Yes