• Hello. I want to use a Shelly uni on my doorbell to receive a notification when someone rings. Can someone help me with the wiring? New user of UNI. Thanks.

  • Unless someone by coincidence recognizes your intercom model and knows exactly how it operates I’m afraid you may not get help.

    Can you specify the exact type so one cans find out?

    The sheer number of wires attached might indicate you’re lucky but we need to know the voltage, whether one cable transmits the doorbell signal and nothing else or if everything is transmitted in one wire (with different voltages and the speech signal modulated on it (like newer Siedle systems common in Germany...).



  • Hi Georg.

    It’s a BPT YC200. It has 3 wires on the doorbell connector. I don’t need the bell to ring, I only need the notification. My difficulty is where to connect the wires in the UNI.


  • Okay, the Call sign should be 5 and 7, where 5 is common (assumingly „minus“) and 7 is the actual signal („plus“).

    You need to measure the voltage between those terminals first and see the voltage, both normally and when door bell is being rung to make sure the voltages are within the range that the Uni is okay with.

    If that’s the case - and if my -/+ assumption is correct, too: Pin 3 of the Uni (white) goes to 7 on your door phone, Pin 6 (green) goes to 5 on your door phone.

    Then you have to find power for the Uni Pins 1 and 2. I’m not sure you’ll find it within your phone, so you May have to use an external adapter (e.g. to 12V DC from a wall socket (hopefully) nearby. If you’re really lucky there is usable constant power source in the phone somewhere but it also needs to be able to handle the Shelly‘s consumption without the voltage collapsing.

    If you have both you can set up a scene that notifies you once there is a certain voltage on the ADC sensor (i.e. the one you measured when bell is rung).

    I suppose you could alternatively hook up the bell signal to the input buttons of the Uni, but the above works for me fine.

    In your pic it looks like a cable is loose, but I’m sure you saw that.

    Best of luck,


  • Hi there, thanks for your reply.

    I managed to control the bell with Shelly. The bell only rings when the toggle is on. But I do not have any voltage count on Shelly app.

    Any idea?

  • Input on 9, first output wire on 5 and second output wire direct to the bell. Só I can open and close the circuit between the doorbell button and the bell itself. But can’t get notifications

  • That’s fantastic!

    Can you, out of my curiosity and potentially other people‘s interest, let us know how you got power for the Uni and what voltages you found in the intercom and what the behavior of the bell signal is?

    P.S.: I have set up two additional notifications: one popping up on my and my better half‘s phone telling me when I or she switch of the door bell, the other if after 90 minutes it’s still off, just in case we forget after baby’s nap...

    Thanks a lot,


  • Hello,

    I'm want to make the same in my intercom but I don't nkow if it is possible.

    The intercom is power by 12v Ac supply and use only two wires.

    I'm thinking to control the intercom and the door lock with the uni outputs and to receive notification is someone press the button.

    I made connections in the picture can someone see if is correct and help with the notifications.

    Many thanks ,



  • Hi Bruno,

    I‘m not familiar with the kind of system you’re working with, so a lot will be guesswork.

    There are two connectors at the unit called combine marked S+ and S-, leading to an optional additional bell, if my limited French capabilities don’t fail me, so that would be a good option for you to connect one of the Shelly switches or the ADC input.

    But I don’t think your wiring as drawn will work.

    I understand you take the power the Shelly from the 12V supply, but the switched output won’t do what you would need it to do to work in your setup.

    So don’t interrupt both lines to the combine, but just the 0-line and lead that interrupted line into and out of OUT1 at the Shelly. That way, fed with power as currently drawn, the Shelly should be able to switch on or off the whole system. But: you may be overloading the Shelly‘s „relay“, think it can handle 100 mA only, and I strongly suspect your system will take more, you’d have to measure.

    The same is true for your Output 2 that is supposed to actually operate the door opener. In both cases you may have to use small 12V relays that can handle the power needed.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Good luck!



  • Thanks for the help,

    I will buy a uni and the relays and try this. Just one question in s+ and s- if have voltage when the button is press I can use to them receive the notification? Can you help wow to wire this.


  • As I’m not 100% certain the ADC measuring works with AC I’d connect the S+ to wire 7 or 8 of the Shelly which should then be recognized by the Shelly as switch (1 or 2) on when there is current and off when there isn’t.

    Otherwise, with the ADC measuring it would be wire 3 of the Shelly to S+ and wire 6 of the Shelly to S- .

    One logical issue that remains is that the door bell notification will only work if you haven’t switched the output off that supplies your combine unit with power to begin with, and I suspect that’s not ideal...



  • I think you are right, in shelly site they only talk the ADC for the dc not for Ac. I will give up from the notifications and use a shelly 1 just to open the lock


  • I could also use some help, I would like to use a shelly 1 or 1L that I already have, but I do not mind to buy a UNI. Below is my intercom and my question is: how do I make the connections, I really have no clue. I have 16v between pins 5 and 7 in Figure 5.

    Thank you for any help.