Shelly Dimmer 2, dim from 2 different locations

  • In my house I have a couple of traditional dimmers where there is a main dim unit at one location in the room and a second dimmer knob at another location in the room. From both dimmer knobs I'm able to turn on/off the lamp and dim them, I have full control over the lamp from both locations.

    I'm a little puzzled if I can do this with Shelly Dimmer 2, and what the wiring scheme would be. Is this something that can be done and what would the wiring scheme be?

  • I was able to do that, but not with regular dimmers. I used 2-way push button switches (regular 2 way but with a spring installed)

    So I click the switch to turn on the lamps, then hold the switch to adjust the brightness. Holding the switch will turn up the brightness, release and hold again to reduce the brightness. Once I have the right level then I release the switch. Another short click will switch off the lamps.

    I guess it would be possible to have a double two way switch to independently control up and down using both S1 and S2. But you would need 3 wires between the switches rather than 2.