Shelly 1L v UK light switch no neutral - can you tell me if I have this right

  • Other than an earth, my light switch has two wires. They go into the COM and the L1 of the switch.

    The wiring diagram for the 1L with no neutral shows wires through the SW1, SW2, Sx, L and O.

    I've got two wires and the diagram has five.

    Is the answer this:

    • The wire which currently goes into COM (main live) now goes into L (line input) on the Shelly.
    • The wire which currently goes into L1 (switched live) now goes into the O (output) on the Shelly.
    • A new wire goes from SW1 on the Shelly to the COM on the switch
    • A new wire goes from Sx to the L1 on the switch.

    Am I close?? Or should the last two be the other way around?


  • Hi, almost close...

    • Shelly 1L
      • L
        • Live
      • O
        • 1 wire to the bulb
        • 1 wire to common of your switch
      • SW1
        • Returns L1 from your switch
      • SW2
        • Nothing if you don’t have a second switch


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