Devices in different vlans - how to add them to Shelly app?

  • Hi there,

    I have my shellys and other iot stuff in different vlans then my "trusted" network (desktops/laptops/phones).

    I have mDns enabled and forward uPnP and CoAP packets from the IoT lan to my trusted lan (also IGMP snooping on both vlans) but can't add them to app (not using cloud because i use MQTT to Home Assistant - that part uses routing so it works great).

    Is it possible to know how the App is searching the devices?

    Even if i had them by IP on the app it doesn't work!

    Note: using Ubiquit Dream Machine Pro.



  • Connect your app intermittently to the IoT VLAN and add them, if you only need the Connection sometimes

    I’d stop forwarding all those packages and only access them via home assistant. Put HA on your IoT Vlan, so you don’t need to forward MQTT either. VLANs are rather pointless if your firewall looks like Swiss cheese ;)

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I know what you're saying but those ports are also useful for services like youtube and airplay streaming. 3 or 4 ports doesn't seem to be a swiss chesse :-)

    CoAP i only routed to try adding shellys.