Integration in google home

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    I installed the Shelly cloud application and it works fine but when I try to link the account to google home, log in and then go back to the previous screen? can someone help

  • I have the same problem,maybe there are some problems with shelly cloud. Or did you find a solution ?

  • I just bought a Shelly 1, wired in and can control via app but exact same thing happens as this post. When trying to link Shelly to Google home (Google Home> Settings> Works with Google> Search for Shelly, log in via Shelly page and it just returned me to the Google home and nothing happens. Didn't see any solution and it's very frustrating to the point where is probably switch to a different product as the Google assistant control was what I really wanted.

  • I think so. When I added the Shelly 1 through the app it asked if I wanted to enable the cloud, I said yes (I've removed and added several times, did factory reset etc). I can control the device through the app on home wi-fi network but it says device offline when I switched my phone to mobile network. I assume I should be able to control the device as long as I have an internet connection for both the device and app on the phone? I just opened the app connected toWiFi, see a cloud icon but device offline. I refresh app then see the home icon and device online.

    Other weird thing is the device shows offline when I'm using laptop browser on home WiFi network.

    I have an Orbi mesh network and never had any issues with any other device or service.

    Kind off at a loss with this one

  • ok so it took me a while how to figure out how to do that! I'm the end I went into the device setting via ip address, set it as access point then turned cloud off then on. After about an hour it seemed to work and now it integrates with Google assistant (finally)