Setup MQTT without using the app ??

  • Hi

    I have some Shelly H&T that I have upgraded with latest firmware and connected at my Wifi. I want to use them with MQTT so they can send updated infos at my Home Assistant. I would have lot more wanted flash them with my own firmware but as Shelly hides all technical details about that device I have no choice than use the original firmware in MQTT. I tried to add them in the Android app but it never sees them (either by automatic detection or indicating the IP) and documentation states you can setup mqtt by accessing shellyip/settings but all I get there is a JSON with all settings in devices but no way to change settings !

    Any ideas how to proceed there ?

    Side Note: Why do I have to register an account to use the app to setup devices ?? (thanks for privacy :cursing:



  • a short search with Google bring me this.


    You have only to figure out what is what.

    And for changing to mqtt use http://ip

    You can do this with settings to but than you have to add something more to this link.

    And because there login, that is something what you should tell the seller.

    We are only members how help members

  • Thanks for your answer but completely useless as sorry but you clearly don't know what you are talking about.... Figure out what is what is not possible with such chips !! You need to know which GPIO are used on the ESP and with what sensors to be able to reflash it properly !!

    Tell the seller ? That's why I post here as it's official support forum of Shelly !!! Am I wrong ??



    Yes, we are an official support forum with many helping users, but not the manufacturer or even the developer.

    Please open a ticket ( with Allterco directly if you are not satisfied with the answers here.

  • No need to create an account. I got my first Shelly a week ago and it just took a few minutes to setup and connect to MQTT; a Shelly 1 and a Shelly EM, but I think they work all the same:

    1. Connect to power
    2. Search and connect to WIFI AP "shelly-<ID>"
    3. Set own device IP to
    4. Access
    5. Menu "Internet & Security" / "WIFI MODE - CLIENT"
    6. Fill out fields for WLAN access.
    7. Menu "Internet & Security" / "ADVANCED - DEV.."
    8. Enter MQTT server and credentials. Use IP or fully qualified name, there is no domain configured.
    9. If the device can't connect to your WLAN, it will reopen as access point, otherwise it should be accessable on http://<IP_OR_HOSTNAME>, and have registered with MQTT.

    If you want to use other firmware, a good starting point for information is the Tasmota project device search:

    FHEM, Homematic, Enocean, Hue, selfmade Arduino devices, MQTT, and just starting with Shellies.