Some RGBW2 devices do not see firmware update

  • Hi,

    I am experiencing some strange behaviour with (most of) my RBGW2 devices, in that they see no update available.
    All are configured the same way. I even put internet DNS to to make sure they have DNS.
    All have internet access (as shown because NTP is correctly working).
    As there is currently no alternative way to put the firmware on these devices (it seems this is a two step process),
    would anyone also have experienced this, and maybe have a solution to allow upgrading them?

    Thank you for reading this.

  • So, going through several threads I learned:
    - RGBW2 now has 2 firmware updates. You must choose for either color or white.

    - Firmware updates are sitting at

    For Color:

    For White:

    Download these firmwares from the above links.
    Then, when ready, use your own httpd server to allow local upgrade of the firmware:

    curl --user name:password "http://x.x.x.x/ota?url=http://y.y.y.y/shellyfirmware/1.9.4/"


    - x.x.x.x is the ip of your shelly,

    - y.y.y.y is the ip of your httpd server,

    - username and password for your shelly device, needed only when set in the device

    And behold, the RGBW2 device is again detecting OTA shelly updates ! :)
    (see attachment)

    This confirms to me OTA firmware mechanism changed somewhere, during the lifetime of these devices. With this trick, you can hop back on the official OTA update wagon.

    Thank you so much - again to Seven of Nine ! :)

    My issue is completely solved
    (though you might want to consider putting the fw back up in the firmware archive? :) )

  • Здравейте, пиша на български като се надявам някой да помогне. Eдно от устройствата ми RGBW2 по време на ъпдейт загуби WiFi сигнал и ъпдейта се срина. Пробвах да ресетна устройството но не се получава. При подаване на захранване светодиода премигва веднъж и това са всички признаци на живот за момента. Бихте ли ме посъветвали какво мога да направя.