Shelly 1L sometimes flickers very quicklywith the relay clicking

  • Hello,

    sometimes happens that the relay starts to switch on / switch off quickly fifteen times without any external action and then stays on.

    Often probably due to the rapid switching, shelly is reset and lost that configuration. If I select detach buttons 1 and 2 in the configuration there is no more problem. I suspect an unstable input level on buttons one and two which could make it look like physical button pressed. The shelly button configuration is in edge mode

  • update:

    In fact it is the wire that comes from the shelly opposite switch who generates interference

    If i disable this switch i have no PB

  • in the shelly interface i have selected this option for the opposite physical switch:

    Detached Switch - Set Shelly device to be in "Detached" switch mode - switch is separated from the relays.