High power needed so 4x output paralleled to one white strip....

  • So, the question is how to tidy the app?

    I formed a group of all four channels so I have achieved the main aim of all four outputs controlled with one slider.

    My problem is that the App shows both the separate devices and the group together with a “wheel” for different temperatures.

    I want to keep it simple for visiting guests. All I want them to see is the picture with an on/off switch and a volume slider.

    Is this possible?

    Furthermore, after more experimentation, it is possible to break the app if you select “colour” . The LED flashes and then goes off needing a rebuild on the app. Not good for visitors or other family members.

    Also, Alexa does not respond to the Group name for voice activation. It needs the channel number as well.... so, four channels need turning one at a time....

    Is there another way?



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  • Do other times you want separate channel control? If not you might switch the shelly you're using and control on the high side versus low?

    I don't know about Alexa, but with Siri (running via Hoobs) I could put the device in a separate room and then tell siri to turn off that room. For example I have an RGBW2 controlling 2 strips and 2 fans (plus a different power strip with things) I can say "Hey Siri turn off the greenhouse" and it shuts everything off.