Cannot connect to Shelly Duo Bulb Wifi

  • Hi,

    The duo bulb suddently disconencted from the current wifi. Now I can see the shelly Access Point but I cannot really connect to it. "Not really" because when connected for short time it disconnects and when trying to access the shelly page over browser, it is not possible.

    Adding device over the shelly app doesn't work after saying adding device for a long time. Then it fails. However the app also finds the Access Point of the shelly and tries to connect to it.

    Is there a way to reset the duo bulb without the app or any connection to it?

    Thanks for help!

    • Best Answer
    Quote from ShellyDuo Manual

    If the Device has been powered on, you have to power it off and on again 5 consecutive times*. Or if you have a switch/button connected to the Device, press it 5 consecutive times*. When the light starts to flash Shelly should return to AP Mode. If not, please repeat or contact our customer support at

    Upon each OFF state, please wait 2-3 seconds

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