Unable to connect in AP mode

  • I recently purchased a set of 4 shellyplug US (shellyplugu1) switches. Using my laptop, I paired two of them them same way I've paired numerous other shelly switches -- energize, select the SSID of the device, bring up in browser, enter my WiFi credentials in the client mode config screen and save.

    The other two have been a complete pain to set up. I have spent hours trying to get connected to these other two plugs. I've performed the factory reset numerous times (energize, press and hold switch button for 10 seconds and the red/blue LEDs are blinking) but hasn't helped.

    Here's the procedure I've been following:

    1. energize (plug in) the shelly plug.
    2. blue LED starts blinking slowly.
    3. Select shellyplugu1-XXXXXX from list of WiFi networks and attempt connection.

    At this point one of two things happens:

    • the blue led will go out (no red LED either)
    • --OR--
    • the blue led will stay on solid (and no red LED)

    In either case no WiFi connection is made and the push button is no longer responsive. I believe the unit is in some sort of wedged state at this point. Within 45-60 seconds the unit seems to reset and the blue led will start slow blinking again as if it'd been newly energized.

    Every so often I can get connected to the shellyplug, but only for a few seconds -- not long enough to perform any configuration.

    I've opened a trouble ticket with Shelly support, but after sending them a video of me trying to connect to these plugs I haven't heard anything in several days so I thought I'd try here.

    I let the two problematic plugs sit for a few days. Today I decided to try again and I managed to get connected to one of them and configure client access mode. In that case I'd pressed the button once so that the red and blue LEDs were slow blinking and was able to connect. I tried to repeat this same procedure with the second problematic plug but no luck.

    Part of what's confusing here is the documentation says the unit is in AP mode if both red and blue LEDs are blinking, but my own experience would indicate that one can typically only connect in AP mode if just the blue LED is slow blinking. This reddit thread also indicates that the documentation is suspect and slow blue blink mode is the AP connection mode.

    I've run out of new things to try so I'm going to unplug and let this sit a few days and try again.